freelance artist specializing in chaotic line work and gross design concepts. viewer discretion advised. content warning for gore, mild nudity, and drugs

they / them - 1 / 7 / 1994
trans and genderstupid. pansexual.
names: Z, Zeno / Xeno, Larz, Alex
previous IDs: xenonthehedgehog, zenophrenic

Grew up in northern VA, moved to Ohio in late 2017. Always been drawing, freelance for 8+ years. Passionate about reptiles and bugs, please check out mine I kiss 'em every day. Autistic, Bipolar and Borderline. Capricorn / Scorpio cusp or someshit.

Serial moss toucher. Bizarre succulent and carnivorous plant collector. Still loves Sonic holy shit. Also enjoys and recommends ♥:
Metalocalypse - Invader Zim - Danny Phantom (fuck B. Fartman) - Kiki's Delivery Service - Parasyte novel/series - Devilman OVA/crybaby - Bioshock - Half Life - TF2 - Yakuza(series) - Breaking Bad - JJBA - Transformers (Prime, Animated, IDW, WFC/FOC)
RIP: HINABN, Half Life 3

Moonuniteuro4 OC trad. Illustration Rough sketch
MothQuakedigital fullbodypaid

Paid= paid for but not started
Sketched = idea solidified / approved
Lined = cleaned sketch / colour ready
Colours done = flats / base markings
Painting/Detailing = cleaning up, making fur, scales, or feathers
Finalizing = adding overlays, textures, and effects


A place to share my passion for herpetology, entomology, and a dash of horticulture. Just a fancy way to say I like reptiles, bugs, and plants. Self taught, 14 yrs experience Animal welfare first at all times. Leopard gecko rescuer. Roach lover.

Leopard geckos (Olive Garden, Migi, Jiji) - Brazilian rainbow boa (Majima) - California kingsnake (Crazybones) - Fowlers toad (Copyright) - Crested Gecko (Pickles) - Golden Gecko (Dijon) -Mourning Gecko colony (Club Sunshine) - Vinegaroon (Queen of the Stone Age) - Uromastyx (Sunstreak)